Highlight as an Author

I just returned to Bangkok today after an amazing week in Myanmar(Burma) …as always I headed straight for Khao San Road. To any of you who have traveled SE Asia you know that Khao San Road is the center of the backpacking universe ….a mix of people like you’ll experience nowhere else in the world. As I was heading down the street to one of my old haunts I caught something out of the corner of my eye that made me stop in my tracks …..there were two girls having a beer at one of the many outdoor restaurants that line Khao San Road, one was writing in her journal while the other was reading a book ….not just any book …..The Map …..I was shocked, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to walk over and talk to her…..

“Sorry to interrupt you, but I couldn’t help notice the book you’re reading” …..before I could finish what I was going to say she replied.

“Yeah, it’s a great book …..why, have you read it?”

With a little chuckle I replied. “Yes, several times……I’m the author, and I was a just bit surprised to see someone with my book all the way over here in Asia.”

Flipping the book over she squealed. “Oh my God, look Cath(her friend), it is the author”

They invited me to sit down and we enjoyed a round of Chang beer while she proceeded to tell me how she had traded books with another traveler in Koh Phi Phi, who also loved the book. She said she had planned on trading it again, but instead she had me autograph it and said she would keep it, and of course had a photo of her holding her book with the author.

I have had a very successful book signing …..I have had The Map reach number one in its category on Amazon, but this was truly my proudest moment yet as an author …..I can’t even explain the rush I felt when I saw someone sitting 12,000 KM’s from home with my book, and that fellow travelers were enjoying my book and telling other travelers about it …..it’s been a good day!


~ by wrecktek on November 28, 2011.

One Response to “Highlight as an Author”

  1. Holy Dyna! That must have been so exciting! I got goosebmups just reading about it! Enjoy the rest of your trip and I know you will be even more inspired now. Cheers, Tanis.

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