What Inspires…..

I just returned from an amazing trip to Southeast Asia. One of my last days there I saw an ad for Chang beer…”Live Like You Mean It” …..I thought, “WOW, that is exactly how I feel” ….so many people go through life full of negativity, bitterness, anger, complacency, never realizing what an amazing gift life is…..the minute you stop living is the minute you start dying.

Life inspires me…travel…adventure…experiencing new cultures…meeting positive passionate people…pushing myself to my own limits, not limits set on me by what is considered the norm…what people my age should do…what society expects…BORING!!!

In Thailand I had the opportunity to do some great diving in the Andaman Sea, and spend a few days climbing at one of the rock climbing meccas if the world, Railey, Thailand, but the highlight of my trip was the time I spent in Myanmar(Burma). The people were incredibly friendly and welcoming…..the country was rich in history…the ruins at Bagan just one example. My fondest memory is spending an afternoon with a local family at Inle Lake. We had to take a dugout canoe to get to their house, which sat on stilts…no land access…no electricity. None of them spoke a word of english, but they fed us, made us green tea, and showed us how they make their living….one worked as a guide on the river, and a couple of the woman rolled cigars to sell in the market…I’m not a smoker, but had to try one! There was a whole herd of kids of all ages…they didn’t have much…very little for toys…we taught them games they could play by using simple everyday items…the smiles on their faces made my trip.

My life has always been a traveller and adventurer…..I never thought I would become a writer, but for me it’s my way to show what an amazing world is out there waiting to be discovered…..I write fiction, but it’s reality based fiction…..the life I have chosen for myself is the life I love….even though I’ve spent a large amount of my life travelling, I still approach every adventure with a child-like enthusiasm…..on my last journey I took over 3,000 photographs…..just a taste below.



Rock Climbing, Railey, Thailand


Waiting for Sunrise


Sunrise over Bagan


Inle Lake House on Stilts


Burmese Family


~ by wrecktek on December 12, 2011.

One Response to “What Inspires…..”

  1. I really enjoyed your book and I love your passion for life and adventure. That passion comes through in your writing. I can’t wait to read your next book.

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