Volcanos and Mayan Ruins

I just returned from an amazing trip to Central America. Already falling behind on my self-imposed finishing date for my next book, I thought what better than to get inspiration from the setting of the book itself!

I love exploring ruins, and there are no better Mayan ruins than Tikal in Guatemala. This was my third trip to Tikal, but I could never tire of exploring this fascinating site. It truly was an inspiration, but as is often the problem when I travel, I also crave the excitement and adventure that makes me who I am. I did manage to get a fair amount of writing done, and now have only to finish up the last couple of chapters before the editing begins!

Guatemala has some amazing volcanos, including the two highest peaks in Central America. During my trip I had the opportunity to climb four peaks, including the two highest peaks in Central America ..both higher than the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The volcanos and jungle ruins were amazing, but what really made this trip were the incredibly friendly people I met, both local and traveller alike.

I truly believe travel enriches one’s life in a way no schooling ever could. I feel truly blessed to be able to explore this amazing planet of ours, and feel I am not only a Canadian, but a citizen of the world.

This is our group that climbed Acatenango Volcano (May 2012)

The main square in Tikal


~ by wrecktek on June 4, 2012.

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